More Kiwis interact with public services online

  • Chris Tremain
  • Jonathan Coleman
Internal Affairs State Services

State Services Minister Jonathan Coleman and Internal Affairs Minister Chris Tremain say the Kiwis Count Channels 2013 report shows a growing number of New Zealanders look for information or deal with public services online.

“This report finds the internet is now the preferred channel for Kiwis looking for information on public services or dealing with public services,” says Dr Coleman.

“New Zealanders want digital access to public services which is simple and user friendly. The findings in this report will assist agencies developing their strategies to increase online uptake. While this report is encouraging and shows good progress is being made, there is still work to be done, and more government services need to be integrated online.”

“Delivering Better Public Services is a key priority for the Government and Result area 10 is about improving New Zealanders’ interactions with government in a digital environment,” says Mr Tremain.

“Being able to conduct more business with government online makes things easier and quicker for people, and also benefits the economy.”

The Kiwis Count Channels Report 2013 found that:

  • 85 per cent of Kiwis had looked for information about a public service and 90 per cent had dealt with public services.
  • 91 per cent of Kiwis used the internet in the past 12 months and 66 per cent used it to deal with public services.
  • The internet is the preferred channel for looking for information about public services and for interacting with public services. However, the rate of change is gradual rather than transformational and there is still heavy use of and preference for other channels.

The report draws on the experiences of 2,226 Kiwis who completed the Kiwis Count survey in 2012. A previous Channels report was released in 2010. Kiwis Count is a comprehensive survey which measures New Zealanders’ satisfaction with public services.

The Result 10 target states an average of 70 per cent of New Zealanders most common transactions with government will be completed in a digital environment by 2017. It is now at 41 per cent up from 29.9 per cent from baseline in June last year.

This is measured through ten key government services provided online including applying for a passport, filling an individual tax return, applying for Ministry of Social Development financial assistance, paying for vehicle licences and applying for overseas visas.