More information on better public services

  • Bill English
  • Tony Ryall
Finance State Services

The Government today issued more information about its Better Public Services programme, which is focused on delivering better frontline services in areas that matter most to New Zealanders.

The information includes officials’ papers canvassing the need to reduce decision points and clutter in the public service; better sourcing of goods and services; and opportunities to rationalise Crown entities, Finance Minister Bill English and State Services Minister Tony Ryall say.

These topics are being considered by the Better Public Services Advisory Group appointed by the Government earlier this year. This group is releasing further issues papers to generate discussion, starting with best-sourcing and the public sector model.

“As part of its wider programme to build faster economic growth, the Government has made it clear that the public sector – which represents about a quarter of the real economy – needs to play its part,” Mr English says.

“This is not just about considering the structure of individual Crown entities. The Government’s top priority is providing better public services using less money and more innovation. I’m pleased that public servants across New Zealand are working hard to deliver that.”

Mr Ryall says the Government’s public sector programme has three objectives.

“First, we want to set clear priorities, so the public sector is focused on the things that matter most to New Zealanders, including providing high quality, cost-effective and customer-focused frontline services.

“Second, we want high quality services that are modern, responsive, business like, and provide good value for money.

“And finally, we want to reduce waste, ensuring that government administration is as efficient, streamlined and well organised as it can be.”

The first two issues papers and other information on the Government’s public sector programme are available at: