More Funds for the Poor, Less for Aid Bureaucracy

  • Murray McCully
Foreign Affairs

The Government plans to make more funding available for NGO partnerships in developing countries, Foreign Minister Murray McCully confirmed today.

"Details are being finalised but a substantial increase in the allocation for aid NGO partnerships is an absolute certainty next financial year."

He recently confirmed that funding for administration costs at the Council for International Development (CID), a New Zealand umbrella body for NGOs, has been reduced.

"Every dollar spent on aid bureaucracy is a dollar less for projects to help the poor in the developing world," Mr McCully said.

"Results on the ground are what counts, not administration arrangements in Wellington."

"I signalled last year reductions in funding for CID, and this has been worked through by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in a careful and considered manner."

"Agreement has recently been reached with CID on services to be purchased by the Ministry in the future. This will include helping co-ordinate New Zealand aid NGOs, including on emergency and disaster relief.

"Meanwhile new NGO funds, to take effect from 1 July, will channel more money through New Zealand aid NGOs to support partnerships in developing countries, particularly our neighbours in the Pacific."