More funding to support tourism in Christchurch

  • John Key
Tourism Prime Minister

Prime Minister and Tourism Minister John Key has announced continued funding to support and rebuild tourism in Christchurch.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has provided $500,000 towards a second year of the Canterbury Tourism Partnership. This has been matched by contributions from Christchurch International Airport and Christchurch City Council.

Mr Key made the announcement at the Ibis Hotel opening ceremony this morning.

“Christchurch is the gateway to the South Island and a vital component of New Zealand’s tourism sector.”

The partnership has now committed $3 million to support Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism to lead the tourism industry’s recovery from the earthquakes. This is being used to promote Christchurch and the Canterbury region as a tourism destination to media, travel trade, conventions and directly to tourists themselves.

The funding has also enabled Christchurch and Canterbury Tourism to prepare the Greater Christchurch Visitor Sector Recovery Plan, which lays out the tourism sector’s priorities in the city’s rebuild. Many of these priorities feature prominently within the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan.

Mr Key says the funding is in addition to other government support that recognises the importance of tourism to the Christchurch rebuild.

“The Ministry, through the Major Events Development Fund, has provided $800,000 to support the New Zealand IceFest event, on now in Christchurch and again in 2014.

“It has also extended funding for Recover Canterbury until next year. This helps earthquake-affected businesses accelerate their recovery.”