More than 80 per cent of classrooms in greater Christchurch will be modernised by 2022

  • Hekia Parata
  • Gerry Brownlee
Education Canterbury Earthquake Recovery

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister and Education Minister Hekia Parata today announced that 80 per cent of classrooms across greater Christchurch will be modernised within ten years changing the way children and young people learn.

The Government is investing over $1 billion in a 10 year programme of restoring and renewing the schools in greater Christchurch following the earthquakes.

The Government today released the final Business Case and outlined the schedule for rebuilding, repairing and renewing 115 schools across greater Christchurch.

That includes:

  • Building 13 schools on new sites
  • Rebuilding 10 schools on existing sites
  • Fully redeveloping 34 schools and
  • Moderately developing 58 schools

“This is a substantial investment and a significant milestone in education renewal in greater Christchurch that I know schools and school communities have been eagerly awaiting,” says Ms Parata.

“It brings to a close a 2 year period of discussion and an intensive 12 months of consultation and decisions on the future of schooling in the city. The Ministry’s focus will now shift to implementing the rebuilding and renewal of the school network.

“This means the construction of over 1,200 new classrooms, and the repair of more than 1,200 others, creating improved teaching spaces, fit for modern learning best practice and technology. We are providing something better for the children and young people of Christchurch.”

Mr Brownlee says the timeline for the rebuild is tight given the amount of work and its complexity but the Ministry of Education will be undertaking a review in 2017 to see if they can bring forward the latter part of the programme.

“When complete, over 80 per cent of classrooms in greater Christchurch will be modern learning environments. This will complement all the other rebuilding and renewal work going on around Greater Christchurch,” says Mr Brownlee.

“It’s great to see this programme underway.”

“Every one of these steps we’re taking is redeveloping Christchurch into the best small city in the world, and this really is just the beginning,” says Mr Brownlee.

“Christchurch students will be learning in modern, flexible and digitally connected classrooms, teachers will be using the most modern technology, and schools will be working together, more closely connected with their communities, providing students with flexible, personalised learning options,” says Ms Parata.

“We look forward to educational achievement lifting for all children and young people in the Greater Christchurch education system.”

Attached is the programme. 

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