Moore's Vision Of Poverty "Nonsense"

  • David Carter
Associate Minister of Revenue

Mayor Garry Moore is doing a "great disservice" to Christchurch people and the Canterbury economy by buying into the left-wing vision of poverty for New Zealand, says the MP for Banks Peninsula, David Carter.

Mr Carter was commenting on Garry Moore's reported speech to the Anglican Justice Network on Sunday.

"The overwhelming majority of Christchurch people have experienced a dramatic improvement in their living standards over the last decade."

"Most people are better off than they have ever been; interest rates are the lowest for 30 years, tax rates have been slashed, the cost of living is stable, doing business has been made easier, more people are in work than ever before and social spending has been increased considerably under National Governments."

A former Labour Party member told Mr Carter that the Labour-dominated Christchurch City Council would do everything in its powers this year to ensure that no National Party member was elected from Christchurch.

"Garry Moore needs to get on with his job, which is representing the residents of Christchurch. I can assure him that the voters will not be fooled by such political games."