Misuse of Drugs Amendment Bill introduced

  • Jim Anderton

Associate Minister of Health and Leader of the Progressive Party Jim Anderton has announced the introduction of the Misuse of Drugs (Classification of BZP) Amendment Bill to in the House today.

“I am pleased to announce that the Bill to ban BZP and related party pills has been given sufficient cross-party support to be introduced, progressed, and in force by Christmas,” Jim Anderton said.

"The Bill has a commencement date of 18 December 2000, which means, if it is passed without alteration by Parliament, BZP will be banned from that date. Therefore, anyone supplying, manufacturing and exporting these products will be liable to a penalty of up to a maximum of eight years imprisonment from 18 December 2007,” Jim Anderton said.

Those found in possession of a Class C1 drug are normally liable to a maximum of three months imprisonment and/or up to a $500 fine. “However, Cabinet was mindful that these products have been legally available for some years, so the Bill includes provision for an amnesty for possession of less than five grams for personal use. With a commencement date of 18 December 2007 the amnesty will be up on 17 June 2008," Jim Anderton said.