Ministers respond to Glenn Inquiry Report

  • Anne Tolley
  • Amy Adams
Social Development Justice

Justice Minister Amy Adams and Social Development Minister Anne Tolley have acknowledged the Glenn Inquiry Report into family violence released today.

“The report looks at several issues that the Government is focused on and reinforces the importance of taking collective action on family violence,” say the Ministers.

“There are number of initiatives in place across Government to deal with the scourge of family violence in our communities, many of which address the issues raised in this report,” says Ms Adams.

“The issues surrounding family violence are complex and require a multi-faceted approach across all sectors of society. Mrs Tolley and I are leading a Ministerial working group to spearhead an all-of-government approach to better protecting victims of family violence.”

“There’s widespread and deep commitment across the social sector to improving prevention and responsive family violence services,” says Mrs Tolley.

“The Ministerial working group is taking a broad look at how the Government is working on family violence, how effective those interventions are, and what more can be done.”

Officials are due to report back to Ministers in February 2015.

In addition to the Government’s existing interventions, the following initiatives are being developed:

  • Establishing a Chief Victims Advisor
  • Strengthening efforts across and collaboration between Justice, Police, Corrections, Social Development and Courts
  • Asking the Law Commission to resume its work into sexual violence victims
  • Developing a comprehensive, long-term approach to break the cycle of family violence through focusing on changing attitudes and behaviours and using early interventions for drug and alcohol addiction
  • Establishing a nationwide home safety service to help victims who want to leave a violent relationship
  • Reviewing the Domestic Violence Act 1995 to ensure the system keeps victims safe and holds offenders to account.