Minister Welcomes Waitangi Tribunal's Muriwhenua Report

  • Doug Graham
Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations

The Minister in Charge of Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations, Hon D.A.M. Graham, today welcomed the release of the Waitangi Tribunal's report on the Muriwhenua claim.

The report covers seven claims, six of which were lodged under the umbrella of the Runanga o Muriwhenua. The Tribunal finds that all seven claims are well founded.

Mr Graham says the Crown, the runanga, iwi and a number of individuals had put a lot of work into the claim over recent years.

'The Tribunal comments that Treaty breaches led to the district having one of the worst records of Maori social and economic disadvantage.

'Now that we have the report, all parties will need time to consider the report and its implications,' he says.

'I fervently hope that Muriwhenua will now turn their considerable talents to presenting a unified approach to the negotiation of their claim.

'Whether that be on a collective basis, or iwi by iwi, is for Muriwhenua itself to decide.

'I look forward to welcoming them to the negotiating table.'