Minister Welcomes Swift Action on PCB Contamination

  • Doug Graham
Associate Minister for the Environment

Hon Deborah Morris, Associate Minister for the Environment, was today pleased to see Auckland Regional Council, Auckland Health Care and Pacific Steel working together to minimise any environmental and health risks resulting from the polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) contamination at the Pacific Steel site in Manukau.

The contamination was initially detected during routine checks by Auckland Regional Council. Further checks were carried out on shellfish collected from the inlet point where the discharge leaves the Pacific Steel site. Levels of PCBs in the shellfish were measures at 160 parts per billion. This level is markedly higher compared to PCB levels measured in shellfish collected from other parts of the Manukau Harbour.

Auckland Health Care has erected signs warning against swimming or the collection of shellfish in the area.

"I am pleased to see that Auckland Regional Council has issued Pacific Steel with an abatement notice requiring the company to urgently take action to deal with the contamination. Pacific Steel will be cooperating with the Regional Council and Auckland Health Care to remedy this situation," said Hon Deborah Morris