Minister welcomes research on Living Standards of Older New Zealanders

  • Lianne Dalziel
Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens Minister Lianne Dalziel today welcomed the release of a report into the Living Standards of Older New Zealanders as an important tool in policy development.

Lianne Dalziel and Social Services Minister Steve Maharey jointly launched the report in Wellington today. The report is the first set of results from an extensive and on-going research project led by the Ministry of Social Policy.

"This particular part of the study provides much useful information that will assist the development and implementation of the government's Positive Ageing Strategy, along with future policy development and advice.

"The first goal of the Positive Ageing Strategy was a secure and adequate income for older people. In getting to that goal, we were to review income support provisions to ensure adequacy and to continually monitor the changes in the standard of living of older people. This research that has been undertaken here, with its scale of material well-being, provides a base for continuing to monitor the living standards of older New Zealanders.

"In particular it reinforces the effectiveness of the current New Zealand Superannuation rate structure in protecting the standard of living for most older New Zealanders."

Lianne Dalziel said that the research also reinforced the need to remedy disparities in society, including those between Maori and Pacific peoples, and the remainder of the New Zealand's population.

"What I will be particularly interested in seeing in the future will be the results of the further research which is underway into the living standards of older Maori. This will include work on a complementary study to the information so far reported, to investigate the living standards of older Maori aged 65-69 years."