Minister welcomes predator control venture

  • Maggie Barry

Conservation Minister Maggie Barry has welcomed an innovative partnership to dramatically transform the way invasive predators are managed on mainland New Zealand.

The NEXT Foundation has partnered with philanthropists Gareth Morgan and Sam Morgan, and the Department of Conservation, to set up the Zero Invasive Predators (ZIP) project. All parties are contributing funding to the venture, with DOC providing $500,000 per year for an initial three years.

The ZIP project will focus on developing the tools and systems needed to permanently remove introduced predators from large areas of mainland New Zealand.

“New Zealand is a world leader in clearing predators like stoats, possums and rats from offshore islands and fenced-off sanctuaries but we face a constant battle trying to stop these eco-invaders in most mainland areas,” says Ms Barry.

ZIP will build on the work DOC already carries out in researching new predator control techniques.

“This is an exciting advance for New Zealand conservation and highlights the value of partnerships in helping to secure the future of our threatened species,” says Ms Barry.