Minister welcomes NZ company's deal

  • Jim Sutton
Trade Negotiations

Trade Negotiations Minister Jim Sutton today congratulated Auckland company Intermech Ltd for winning a US$20 million contract to manufacture and install CNG filling stations in Iran.

Intermech Ltd and joint venture partner Pars Compressor Co, an Iranian compressor manufacturer, made a successful bid for the contract to the Iran Fuel Consumption Optimisation Organisation. Iran is in the process of encouraging car users to switch from petrol, Mr Sutton said, and this drive to utilise CNG offered excellent potential for New Zealand business involvement.

Intermech is a well-known and highly successful company operating in the field of CNG equipment, and is one of the comparatively few companies in the world which is able to supply complete technology for CNG refuelling stations, including compressor and dispenser design and manufacture, station design and installation. It has more than twenty-five years’ experience, and its equipment is now used around the world.

Mr Sutton congratulated Intermech and its joint venture partner on winning the contract.

“The venture with Pars Compressor Co builds on the strong bilateral trade relationship New Zealand has with Iran. I represented New Zealand at the eighth Joint Ministerial Commission last year in Tehran to advance trade and economic relations between the two countries, and noted the potential for cooperation in the CNG field during that meeting.

“Foreign Affairs Minister Phil Goff visited Iran late last year and also discussed the CNG project with Iranian Government Ministers.”

Mr Sutton said the CNG contract marks a considerable success for Intermech, which was one of several New Zealand companies making the most of opportunities in our trade relationship with Iran.