Minister welcomes new Crown Research Institute

  • Wayne Mapp
Science and Innovation

Two Crown Research Institutes (CRIs) - Crop & Food Research and HortResearch - come together today to form a single research institute known as The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Ltd (Plant and Food Research).

Minister of Research, Science and Technology, Dr Wayne Mapp, says: "This is a milestone in New Zealand's science history.  We are a small country and it is important for us to make best use of our scientific capabilities, particularly in the plant and food science areas.

"The merger has combined knowledge and expertise in nationally important areas of sustainable production, elite genetics, and food and health, which were previously segregated.

"The critical mass created through the merger is internationally significant and, therefore, is expected to generate significant research outcomes."  

Wayne Mapp says it will be a new era for plant and food research in New Zealand and that it is pleasing to note the strong industry support the merger has received.

The new CRI will have a combined capability base of over 900 staff.  There are no plans for any site closures or losses in science capabilities as a result of the merger.

"I commend the past boards of Crop & Food Research and HortResearch for taking the initiative to merge."

Jim McLean, the outgoing Chair of HortResearch, has been appointed as Chair of the new Plant and Food Research Board.