Minister Welcomes Bic NZ's Move to Introduce Child-Resistant Cigarette Lighters

  • Robyn McDonald
Consumer Affairs

The Minister of Consumer Affairs, the Hon Robyn McDonald, welcomed today's announcement from BIC (NZ) that they will introduce a disposable child resistant lighter onto the market later this year.

"This is very good news and I am pleased to see that one of the largest cigarette lighter suppliers in the country is committed to protecting life and property.

"I see this as a positive start and I look forward to other players in the market following BIC's lead.

Ms McDonald said letters will be sent tomorrow to all substantially affected parties asking them for their views on the recommendation to introduce a product safety standard and feedback on how the standard should be implemented.

"By consulting with the substantially affected parties we will be able to develop a transition process that will be comprehensive and efficient for the marketplace and consumers."