Minister to visit the UK and Norway

  • Anne Tolley
Social Development

Social Development Minister Anne Tolley today departs for Europe to talk about child protection systems in Scotland and Norway, and work underway in England and Wales to help long-term sickness beneficiaries and disabled people into work and to live independent lives.

“We are making good progress in New Zealand with protecting our vulnerable citizens and helping them to lead fulfilling lives but we’re always keen to see what more we can do, and better, to continue this trend.

“I’m looking forward to learning what is working well in these countries in delivering social services that make a difference in improving the lives of vulnerable people and their families.” says Mrs Tolley.

In the United Kingdom and Norway Mrs Tolley will view different world-leading child protection models and will visit the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Equality and Family Affairs, to learn more about the aftercare services provided to transition children out of state care.

In England Mrs Tolley will meet with senior officials to discuss programmes in the United Kingdom which aim to support disabled people to move into work.

The visit will also provide an opportunity to visit the Right Hon Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. This will allow for an exchange of ideas on welfare reform and lessons learnt in both the United Kingdom and New Zealand.