Minister Reveals Even More C.A.R.D. Victims

  • Clem Simich

Two more people found themselves victims of the Police CARD computer system in Auckland last weekend, Police Minister Clem Simich revealed today.

Early on Sunday morning a member of the public dialled 111 after seeing two people loading alcohol into a car parked outside a Kohimarama bottle store.

The call was received at the Northern Communications Centre at 2.13am, and a Police car was dispatched to the scene in under a minute, while details of the job were still being entered into the computer.

At 2.18am - four and a half minutes later - Police arrived at the store, catching two alleged thieves inside the premises.

"This is a perfect example of the CARD system working efficiently," Mr Simich said.

"I'm sick of hearing about the occasional problems which have occurred while the system was settling in. CARD's working really well and crimes are being solved every day as a result."

"It's time to stop the nonsense and the scaremongering. The public can have confidence in CARD."