Minister Responds To Report

  • Maurice Williamson

The new Good Samaritan Legislation introduced today will encourage local authorities who have their Y2K problems in hand to pass on their information to those councils who have not adequately addressed the problem, Minister responsible for Y2K the Hon Maurice Williamson said today.

Mr Williamson was responding to the legislation introduced into the house today and the findings of the Report of the Controller and Auditor General on public sector Y2K readiness, also tabled today.

The report indicated a number of local authorities had continued to underestimate the extent of the problem.

"I have written personally to all local authorities highlighting their public responsibilities, but thus far have received an inadequate number of responses."

"I hope with the introduction of this legislation there will be better news at the Local Government Summit in Wellington at the end of the month with those who have not already done so now facing the problem and taking steps to fix it."

The Minister was pleased the Auditor General saw that many other public sector agencies were making encouraging progress, but was concerned at the Local Government sector.

"Although local authorities are not central agencies, I expect those that are not up to scratch to take advantage of the benefits of this legislation."