Minister Receives Assurances from Telecom over Compensation

  • Robyn McDonald
Consumer Affairs

The Minister of Consumer Affairs, Hon Robyn McDonald, met with Telecom officials this morning at a meeting she called to ascertain from them the state of the management of their telephone systems and the level of compensation that will be made available to those Telecom subscribers affected by the systems failure.

"Following my meeting this morning I am sure that Telecom is aware that people are unhappy with this breakdown of service and they have assured me that they are undertaking a full internal inquiry to ensure that the necessary steps are taken so that these problems do not happen again".

"While the faults apparently arose from routine exercises and system updates that take place regularly, I am concerned that three incidents have occurred in one week leaving thousands of Telecom subscribers without basic telephone services.

Ms McDonald said Telecom had assured her that all affected subscribers will be compensated for the loss of service, either a one month credit on line rental or a $50 phone card providing they meet Telecom compensation criteria. Telecom have also relaxed the notification provision in that criteria where subscribers have to notify the fault before they are entitled to compensation as this was clearly impossible as so many households were affected.

"I will be meeting with my colleague, the Minister of Communications, Hon Maurice Williamson, to discuss details of this mornings meeting," said the Minister.