Minister to outline alcohol campaign

  • Damien O'Connor

Associate Health Minister Damien O'Connor will tomorrow host a meeting to outline a major campaign tackling our risky drinking culture.

Thanks to an increased alcohol levy approved by Government in June, the Alcohol Advisory Council’s (ALAC) culture change programme is now underway. It aims to shift this country's binge drinking culture.

A range of organisations concerned with reducing alcohol-related harm will attend tomorrow's meeting, where Mr O'Connor will detail the programme.

“During the development of the programme, there was robust and lengthy discussion about the best way to achieve its goal," he said. "I'm confident the range of strategies decided upon will be effective."

Mr O’Connor said all groups attending the meeting - including public health, non-Government organisations and the industry itself - had a role to play in reducing alcohol-related harm.

“My aim for the meeting is to ensure these key players understand the programme and know where and how they can contribute.”

Mr O’Connor said he was aware that some in the public health sector were hesitant to work with the industry.

“I'm expecting some good honest discussion and that everyone will have the opportunity to participate and share their views.

“I'm sure agreement can be reached on what role each organisation can play to help meet the ambitious but achievable goal Government has set down.”