Minister opens SH20A Shared Path

  • Hon Julie Anne Genter

The Associate Minister of Transport, Julie Anne Genter, says the opening of a new shared cycling and pedestrian path alongside State Highway 20A creates new, safe transport choices for people in South Auckland.

 Minister Genter has celebrated the completion of the new path, which runs alongside State Highway 20A between Kirkbride Road and the new Landing Drive intersection with a ribbon cutting ceremony today.

 “We know that most Aucklanders want the freedom to walk and cycle around their city and separated routes like this help make that possible,” said Ms Genter.

 “This 3km of new path will make it easier for people living and working near the airport to get around, and will make it safer for children from the local primary school to cross Kirkbride Road. It will also help reconnect a community split by the highway.

 “More people travelling by foot and by bike between Mangare and the Airport will also means less traffic and congestion in the area,” said Ms Genter.

 The shared path was built as part of the $190million SH20A to Airport project, which included construction of the underpass to separate local and airport traffic at the Kirkbride Road/SH20A intersection and the transformation of the Landing Drive roundabout into an eight lane intersection controlled by traffic lights.