Minister meets top Work and Income case managers

Minister for Social Development Carmel Sepuloni has today met with some of Work and Income’s top case managers who’ve achieved outstanding results supporting their clients into work.

 20 high performing case managers from across the country were brought together for a series of workshops after being identified for their success supporting people from all backgrounds through difficult situations and into sustainable employment.

 “It’s exciting to hear the methods and practices they’ve used working with people on the front line in need of assistance so that we might use this information to help shape future services and best practice across the board,” Minister Sepuloni said.

 “I was interested to know the common attributes these case managers share as a group. It is their heart and genuine care for people mixed with a significant knowledge of what’s available to help a person from both MSD and the local community that is key to their success in helping to change people’s lives.

 “They also expressed the importance of supporting people into training and educational opportunities as a pathway into meaningful employment – an area of key focus for this government.  

 “Given my vision for a culture at Work and Income that is more inclusive, respects all people’s right to dignity, ensures everyone has access to their full entitlements and focuses on people’s potential I am heartened these case managers demonstrate this approach in their interactions with New Zealanders requiring assistance.

 “It helps form part of the culture change we want to support at all levels of MSD, and across Work and Income offices around the country. It’s important to focus on those doing an exceptional job to showcase how this can be done.

 “Improving the culture at Work and Income is about both ensuring the best possible outcomes for clients and making sure staff feel supported in their roles.