Minister to make health of Ministry a priority

  • Hon Dr David Clark

Health Minister Dr David Clark says a new report on the Ministry of Health is an indictment on the previous Government’s nine years of neglect and under-resourcing. 

“The Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) Review of the Ministry released today paints a picture of a Ministry that needs support to provide stronger leadership and governance of the health sector.

“The report echoes the concerns about a lack of Ministry leadership that I have heard time and again in recent years from those working at the frontline of our health system.

“Many of the issues highlighted in this report were also identified in the 2012 PIF Review. It’s clear things were going from bad to worse under the previous Government.

“I want to acknowledge that there are many good people who are doing great work under difficult circumstances at the Ministry. I value their hard work and dedication.

“We need a strong, stable and high-performing Ministry leading our health and disability sector. The challenge for the Ministry’s new leadership will be to deliver just that.

“The contributions and leadership of the Ministry have been widely valued in decades past, and many of New Zealand’s most respected health sector leaders have spent time in the Ministry. Its time has come again.

“As Health Minister, I welcome this review and the Government will closely consider its findings. I will also refer the review to the new Ministerial Advisory Group on the Health System, which was set up to focus on exactly these sorts of issues.

“It’s vital the Ministry rebuilds trust and confidence in itself so that it can deliver on the Government’s health priorities, including making primary healthcare more affordable and accessible,” says Dr Clark.

NOTE: The PIF Review is available here -