Minister To Look At Crime Prevention Initiatives

  • Tony Ryall
Youth Affairs

Associate Justice Minister Tony Ryall is in the United States this week to meet with community leaders and justice sector workers to discuss new and successful anti-crime initiatives. Mr Ryall is visiting a number of community programmes which have been successful in preventing crime and youth reoffending in particular.

The week long itinerary includes Los Angeles, Washington DC and New York.

Mr Ryall will include the New York Police Department where he will discuss the "Broken Windows" programme with those who have first hand experience in its success and also attend the key "Comstrat" meeting where local precinct commanders are held accountable for fighting crime in the local areas.

As Minister of Youth Affairs Mr Ryall will also be looking at crime prevention programmes targeting juvenile offenders.

"We need New Zealand answers to New Zealand problems. But we can certainly learn from the new policing and prevention approaches being used successfully around the world" said Mr Ryall.