The Minister of Local Government Approves the Auckland Community Trust Deed

  • Christine Fletcher
Local Government

The Minister of Local Government, Chris Fletcher announced today that she has approved the Deed for the Auckland Community Trust.

"The way is now open for the Auckland Regional Services Trust to establish a community trust."

"Following the repayment of its debt last year, the ARST submitted a deed for the Auckland Community Trust to me. I am satisfied now that it meets the requirements under the Local Government Act and pleased with ARST's achievement," Mrs Fletcher said. The ARST is required by legislation to establish a trust for charitable purposes once it has generated a surplus.

"I understand the ARST resolved in its last annual plan that it would allocate $5M for the Community Trust. The matter of the appointment of trustees is for the ARST to determine.

"As Minister for Local Government and Cultural Affairs I see a significant opportunity for benefits to flow to the arts and cultural heritage sector of the Auckland region. The Trust will, I hope, show leadership in recognising the huge contribution that this vibrant sector makes within our communities. The regional inequity and fragmented nature of arts and cultural funding has long been a source of frustration in the Auckland region. It might well be taken into account."