• Maurice Williamson
Research, Science and Technology

"The Beef Research Foundation is clear evidence key sectors within New Zealand are readily moving to adopt new roles as the Knowledge Revolution fully emerges." said Minister of Research Science and Technology Hon Maurice Williamson.

Mr Williamson was speaking at the launch of the Beef Research Foundation in Wellington, (Tuesday 5/8/97). The Foundation is an initiative of the New Zealand meat industry following work earlier this year to identify a Vision and Strategic Plan for the next
ten years for the red meat industry.

"A development such as the Beef Research Foundation is fundamental for the meat industry's economic performance and will be crucial in supporting the case for public research funding.

"Supporting this process of visioning and strategy development, the government is now initiating a major exercise of consultation and analysis to be known as the Foresight project

"The Foresight Project will be a major a source of information for the next round of public good research priority setting and will ultimately identify targets for our industries and economy in 2010.

"The first phase of the Foresight Project is already underway and I anticipate organisations such as the Beef Research Foundation making a significant contribution to the project as a whole and in particular the sector based work." Mr Williamson said.