Minister Launches Award for Environmentally Acceptable Packaging

  • Deborah Morris
Associate Minister for the Environment

A new award for environmentally acceptable packaging will encourage producers to look for further innovative ways to improve the way in which we package goods, said the Associate Minister for the Environment, Deborah Morris, at the launch of the new awards in Auckland.

"The Packaging Industry Accord remains the only voluntary agreement signed with industry under the auspices of the Government ?s Waste Policy. It grew out of community concern about packaging waste in the environment.

"This concern has not lessened. The need for the industry to continue to work on reducing the environmental impact of packaging remains.

"The Government has to begin to consider waste minimisation and what policies are required to ensure waste reduction. The information we have on waste is not complete but is beginning to give us a clearer picture about waste in New Zealand. It suggests that the amount of waste we dispose of is on the increase.

"There is a positive correlation between economic growth and waste production. We need to change this if we are to make progress towards our stated waste reduction goals.

"This change will require a commitment from producers and consumers alike.

"Environmental education will have a big role in brining about this change. The Government is just completing the National Strategy for Environmental Education. Improvements in the effectiveness of environmental education activities and a better understanding of its contribution to policy should assist in good environmental management," said Deborah Morris.