Minister honours fallen Police officers

  • Judith Collins

Police Minister Judith Collins today paid tribute to Police who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Ms Collins attended a service at the Royal New Zealand Police College at Porirua to mark Police Remembrance Day.

Police Remembrance Day is held annually in New Zealand, Australia and throughout the Pacific to honour the fallen.

Since 1890, 29 Police officers and traffic officers have been slain in the line of duty in New Zealand.

“Each of these officers is a reminder of the dangers our Police face while serving the public and keeping our communities safe,” Ms Collins said.

“When a person becomes a sworn Police officer, they commit to putting the security and welfare of others before themselves.

“It is why we remember these fallen officers today. They died in the pursuit of a better, more peaceful and safer New Zealand.

"While we can be thankful that no Police officers were killed in the line of duty in New Zealand in the last 12 months, we must not forget the risks that our Police officers face each day.

“Today, we reflect on those who are gone, and celebrate their legacy that lives on in every man and woman that wears the blue uniform.”