Minister Expresses Sympathy at Firefighter Death

  • Richard Worth
Internal Affairs

My sincerest sympathies go out to the family of the volunteer rural firefighter who died today, says the Minister responsible for the New Zealand Fire Service, Richard Worth.

Dr Worth said he was very saddened to hear of the accident which claimed the life of the firefighter while on an emergency call-out near Hicks Bay in the Gisborne area. 

A fellow firefighter was also injured in the accident and is now recovering in Gisborne Hospital.  Dr Worth said he wished the firefighter a steady recovery.

Dr Worth said he had great respect for the work of volunteer firefighters who were prepared to put their "lives on the line" to protect others in their communities.

He understood from the National Rural Fire Authority that it was the first time a rural firefighter had lost their life due to an accident which had occurred during an emergency call-out.