Minister Encourages Schools to be More Responsive

  • Deborah Morris
Youth Affairs

With the passing of new Youth Income Support legislation and the announcement of the deferral of raising the school leaving age, the Hon Deborah Morris is keen to ensure that young people are supported by schools responsive to their needs.

"The energy and resources promised to improve the responsiveness of schools will be vital following the passage tonight of new Youth Income Support legislation, and yesterday's announcement that the school leaving age will remain at 16," the Minister of Youth Affairs said this evening.

"Youth workers around the country have highlighted to me the need for improved responsiveness of schools. This means that individual learning styles and priorities have to be taken account of, while also recognising the other peripheral issues that can undermine the success of young people.

"When it comes to education and employment decisions, parents have to play an active role in encouraging young people to make quality choices for themselves. Considering future options and leaving school can be a turbulent time but even more so if a student is ill-prepared.

"A number of schools are doing extremely well at providing the education and support young people need. However, for many, there is still a long way to go to ensure they are delivering relevant and responsive programmes that meet the needs of their pupils. I look forward to working with the Minister of Education to improve the responsiveness of schools to meet the needs of young people," Hon Deborah Morris said.