Minister of Employment launches Youth Ready Employer Programme

  • Hon Willie Jackson

A programme for employers to help them engage effectively with younger employees was launched today by Minister of Employment, Willie Jackson.

The Youth Ready Employer Programme contains a range of on-line templates that employers can easily access to help with employing and retaining young people in their businesses.

The programme is a collaboration between the Ministry of Social Development, the Auckland Business Chamber and its wider chamber network and UK entrepreneurs Jack Parsons and Ben Towers. Their focus is on helping employers understand, connect, recruit, develop and retain young people, while creating work environments that support wellbeing and positive mental health.

“The programme and its resources give a pathway to employers to follow and become youth-ready – something young people are looking for and prioritising when they’re looking for jobs,” Willie Jackson said.

“The focus is on finding ways to connect with the age group of 18 to 30 year olds who we know have some common characteristics, operating styles and work expectations.

“New Zealand isn’t alone in trying to transition young people into work when there are the range of issues to overcome like social and economic disadvantage, mental health and other everyday barriers that block young people from accessing employment opportunities,” Willie Jackson said.

These resources support the work the Government is doing for the group of young people who are not working or studying in the 15 to 24 years age group.

“We really want to steer this group away from benefit dependency and resources like this are helping employers create the right environment for younger team members to do their best work,” Willie Jackson said.

The Youth Ready Employer Programme resources can be accessed at