Minister congratulates siege officers

  • Judith Collins

Police Minister Judith Collins today congratulated eight Police officers who received awards or citations for their actions during the Napier siege in May 2009.

The officers were recognised for their roles during the siege which began with the fatal shooting of Police Senior Constable Len Snee by Jan Molenaar during a routine check of a Chaucer Rd address.

The officers who received the awards in Napier today were Constable Rajen Cotter, Sergeant Nigel Formosa, Detective Constable Phillip Sayers, Detective Dean Young , Superintendent Sam Hoyle, Inspector Kevin Kalff, Inspector Mike O'Leary and Sergeant Bryan Smith.

“We were all profoundly affected by what happened over those few days,” Ms Collins said.

“On occasions such as this, we can reflect on how much we ask of our Police. These ordinary people, who live next door to us, who coach school sports, who we see down at the local supermarket, are the people we call on in times of crisis to perform the most selfless of acts.

“And that is to protect us from deadly harm, to remove the threat even if it means putting themselves in considerable danger to do so.

“The Police we are honouring today showed tremendous leadership, initiative and personal courage in helping bring the siege to an end without further loss of life to Police or innocent members of the public.

“I congratulate these officers on their award or citations, and for their unshakable commitment to protecting and serving this community and the country.”