Minister congratulates Ngati Porou

  • Pita Sharples
Maori Affairs

Maori Affairs Minister Dr Pita Sharples congratulates Ngati Porou on the signing of their Deed of Settlement, which took place today in Parliament.

“Ngati Porou is a large iwi with a large land area, and this is a very significant settlement,” said Dr Sharples. “The rapid progress of negotiations is testament to the strong and focused leadership of the iwi and their team, and the level of organisation among the people on the ground,” he said.

“The groundwork was laid many years ago, when Ngati Porou negotiated for the return of their maunga Hikurangi, and established a runanga under their own legislation.

“Over a quarter century since then, Ngati Porou have taken leadership roles on many issues that have tested the Maori world – fisheries claims, conservation and resource management issues, the WAI 262 claim to natural and cultural heritage, local health and welfare service delivery, and relations with central and local government. This has got the iwi match-fit to negotiate their treaty claims and settle quickly and fairly,” said Dr Sharples.

“Over many years, Ngati Porou has contributed a great deal to Maori people generally, and to the nation. The iwi has supported national initiatives like the Maori Congress and the Iwi Leaders’ Forum, for the benefit of everyone, so it is very pleasing to see their day come, when Ngati Porou take another step forward into a brighter future,” he said.

"I pay particular respects to Dr Apirana Mahuika for the leadership, fortitude and vision in championing this settlement, and acknowledge the momentum achieved through the steely detemination of the negotiating team, Te Haeata".

"Te Haeata is a most appropriate name for this new sunrise in the pathway of Ngati Porou - we wish them every success as they come together, to consolidate the legacy they have created today," said Dr Sharples.