Minister Clark to attend International Cyber Week

Minister Dr David Clark will travel to Singapore on Monday to attend International Cyber Week, meet with a range of Ministerial counterparts and host a session on regional cyber security.

Singapore International Cyber Week runs from 18 – 20 October and is one of the biggest events on the international cyber security calendar. It is an opportunity for New Zealand to engage with a range of regional and international partners during a time of geopolitical volatility.

“Singapore is an established leader in the field of cyber security, both in the Indo-Pacific region and globally,” David Clark said.

“I am looking forward to this opportunity to engage with my Singaporean and ASEAN counterparts, to strengthen our cooperation and to demonstrate New Zealand’s support for their important cyber security efforts.”

This year’s theme is “Digital Security: A Shared Responsibility”, with participants exploring ways to strengthen collaboration between countries, and address the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape.

“Singapore International Cyber Week is convening at an important time, when increasingly different views of appropriate state behaviour in cyber space have created an uncertain and volatile cyber landscape.

“Russia’s ongoing war of aggression against Ukraine and deployment of malicious information campaigns have elevated tensions further and increased the need for open dialogue and responsible governance.

“Finding common ground between states and establishing trusted partnerships with industry has never been more critical for the future of cyberspace,” David Clark said.

As New Zealand is an ASEAN Dialogue Partner, Minister Clark has been invited to attend and speak at a Special Session with ASEAN Ministers on regional cyber security.

Minister Clark will also meet with a range of Ministerial counterparts and industry representatives from around the world, and will use his time in Singapore to learn about the island’s unique digital transformation journey.

He will travel to Singapore on Monday, 17 October and return on Friday, 21 October.