Minister celebrates students’ space success

Space Minister Judith Collins is applauding students from Canterbury University’s Aerospace Club on their success at the world’s largest inter-collegiate rocket engineering competition, the Spaceport America Cup.

“More than 120 teams from 20 countries participated in Spaceport America Cup, with the team from Canterbury University winning in their ‘30,000 Foot’ category against 28 other teams, using off the shelf components,” Ms Collins says.

“Ambition like this is exactly what we need to see more of, and the team’s international success is great to see.

“We want talented people to pursue careers in space-related fields as we strive to grow our economy. The future of our space and aerospace industry is looking bright if this team’s success is anything to go by.

“I hope their success will encourage others to study science, technology, engineering and maths and contribute to the ongoing success of New Zealand’s space economy.”