• Maurice Williamson

Hopefully this will be the beginning of the end of the number portability issue, said Minister of Communication Hon Maurice Williamson when commenting on today's agreement between Telecom and Telstra

Telstra and Telecom announced today the first number portability agreement and a local service agreement between the two companies.

"The stage for agreement on number portability has been set for sometime and I'm glad we are moving towards a unilateral portability agreement without the need for legislation," said the Minister.

"New Zealand has the best operating environment for telecommunication companies in the world and its interesting to note that litigation between telecommunication companies, is more often than not, largely due to attempts to gain commercial advantage.

"Telstra and Telecom are to be congratulated for their agreement and I hope there will be more signatories to number portability early in the new year.

"Today's outcome is the result of negotiation rather than regulation or litigation and this is most satisfying," said Mr Williamson.