Minister announces reappointments to the Lottery Grants Board

  • Rick Barker
Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs Minister, Rick Barker, has announced the reappointment of Phil Harington and Margaret Mohi to the Lottery Grants Board.

The Board exists under the Gambling Act 2003 (the Act) to distribute the profits of New Zealand lotteries arising from activities such as Lotto, Lotto Strike, Instant Kiwi and Keno.

The Board’s primary function is to determine the proportions of lotteries profits to be allocated to the distribution committees and distribution agencies. It may also give policy directions to the distribution committees. In addition Board members attend some distribution committee meetings in a liaison capacity.

Mr Harington is a senior lecturer in social work at the Auckland College of Education. He has an extensive awareness of community issues through his background in social work and psychology. Mr Harington has governance experience having been a member of a number of boards and committees including two terms on the Lottery Grants Board.

Ms Mohi works as a Human Resources Contractor and is also the Secretary and Treasurer for Waipuka Incorporation. She is active in her community undertaking voluntary work in the conservation, domestic violence, and Māori advocacy sectors. Ms Mohi has management and governance experience, including a term on the Lottery Grants Board.

Mr Harington and Ms Mohi have been reappointed for terms of three years commencing on 1 February 2008.