Minister announces power outage inquiry

  • Simon Bridges
Energy and Resources

Energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges has today written to the Electricity Authority to request an inquiry into the Auckland power outage.

“This week’s outage was a significant event which disrupted thousands of homes and businesses,” Mr Bridges says. 

“Even in an electricity system that has strong security of supply, which I believe we have, there is always the possibility of something like this happening. 

“However, it is important that there is a full inquiry to give the public confidence that risks to power supply are being adequately managed.”

The Electricity Authority is an independent Crown entity with wide-ranging powers to gather information and inquire into any matter relating to the electricity industry.

“The Authority will work with all parties involved to carry out a detailed review of the causes of the outage and what actions will need to be taken, or are recommended, to help prevent outages like this in the future,” Mr Bridges says.