• Parekura Horomia
Maori Affairs

The Minister of Maori Affairs, Parekura Horomia, announced today that Te Mangai Paho (TMP) Chairperson Toby Curtis had resigned from the Board.

The Minister said he met today with the Board, and at that meeting the external review report into matters surrounding a former employee of Te Mangai Paho was presented to him. It was also at this meeting that Mr Curtis tendered his resignation, which was accepted by the Minister.

The Minister said he welcomed the report which has provided a comprehensive analysis of events and actions regarding former employee Tame Te Rangi.

"This matter has gone on for too long now. It is good that we finally have clarity on the matter", said Mr Horomia.

The external review found that Mr Te Rangi should not have been involved in any activities relating to MSCI given his role as Radio Manager for Te Mangai Paho.

"This is unacceptable. Mr Te Rangi knew what he was doing and got away with it until his resignation.

"Despite directives to Mr Te Rangi to cease his involvement with MSCI in February 2002 he disregarded these and continued to participate in further broadcasts until his resignation in March 2003.

“In reading the report I am disappointed that the management and the former Board did not take decisive enough action to put an immediate stop to the conflict of interest when it was first brought to their attention.”

“This lack of decisive action on this matter was all the more disappointing as the report did not indicate systemic failure within TMP.”

The Minister said Mr Te RangiÂ’s resignation came far too late and therefore the management and Board of TMP must take a share of the responsibility.

“While I consider the resignation of Mr Curtis to be the appropriate action, I do want to acknowledge the tremendous contribution Toby has made to Te Mangai Paho over the last eight years. Five of those years as Chair of the Board.”

The Minister said he would ask Wira Gardiner to act as the co-ordinator of activities of the Board forthwith and that it was his intention to nominate Mr Gardiner as a future Chair.

“I am confident that under new leadership the Board will deal quickly with the issues raised,” the Minister concluded.

Ms Jacqui Te Kani, Mr Tahu Potiki and Ms Te Ripowai Higgins will remain as members of the board. They were appointed to the Board of Te Mangai Paho late last year and the Minister continues to have confidence in them.