• Jenny Shipley
State Owned Enterprises

The Minister for State Owned Enterprises, Jenny Shipley, today announced a number of re-appointments to the boards of State Owned Enterprises.

"A number of directors reach the end of their current terms at the end of September. The Coalition Government has carefully considered a range of factors in deciding on the re-appointments listed below," Jenny Shipley said.

Crown Forestry Management Ltd.

This SOE is responsible for the management of remaining Crown forestry assets other than those managed by Timberlands West Coast Ltd. Business consultant Irene Taylor has been re-appointed as chair of Crown Forestry Management Ltd.

Land Corporation Ltd.

This SOE operates the country's largest corporate farm. Director Jeff Grant has been re-appointed for a second term.

New Zealand Post Ltd.

One of the largest SOE's, NZ Post operates postal and courier services throughout New Zealand.The chair, Dr Ross Armstrong, and two directors, Ted Woodfield and Graeme Reeves, have been re-appointed for a further term.

NZ Railways Corporation.

This corporation manages the railway corridor lease.The Chair, Irene Taylor, and two directors Michael Cox and Andrew Thomson have been re-appointed for a further term.

Solid Energy New Zealand Ltd.

This is the crown's coal-mining company, operating mines in Waikato, West Coast and Southland. Three directors have been re-appointed. They are Bruce McLean, Roger Stanich and Carol Todd