• Jenny Shipley
Accident Insurance

The appointment of four new directors to the board of ACC was announced today by the Minister for ACC Jenny Shipley.

Three of the vacancies have arisen because directors have stepped down at the end of their terms. The fourth appointment is as a result of the ARCI Amendment Act 1996, which created a further position that has not up until now been filled.

The new directors are:

Lee Mathias, a director of East Bay Health CHE and managing director of Birthcare New Zealand Ltd and Birthcare Auckland Ltd.

Anthony Ractliffe, who was until recently the General Manager of New Zealand National Mutual Life Association of Australasia Ltd.

Noeline Munro, who is the Chairperson of Greenslades Ltd (sharebrokers and investment advisors), a director of Citibus-Newtons Ltd (Dunedin) and a director of the Land Transport Safety Authority.

David Bratt, who is a senior partner in the Newtown Medical Centre and has been a GP for 26 years. He is the Chairperson of the Wellington After-hours Medical Centre, and a board member and trustee of the Te Hopai Trust Board.
"These new board members bring a range of experience and skills in health care, the insurance industry, road safety and business management that will make a valuable contribution to the board " the Minister said.

"I want to thank the outgoing directors, Margaret Murray, John Fisher and Pam Williams. Their contribution to bringing the corporation to account, and getting the ACC scheme into a position where significant reductions in some levies can be considered, is valued by the Government and the public alike. Further, the irregularities which are now under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office were discovered because of procedures put in place by the ACC board, who then acted quickly and correctly to bring those matters to my attention and put them before the appropriate authorities.

Mrs Shipley and the Associate Minister for ACC, Deborah Morris, say the Coalition Government is still committed to rebuilding public confidence in ACC by restoring it to a world-leading, 24 hour, comprehensive but affordable accident cover.

"The new board members will be part of the process of achieving that by ensuring a good management system is in place, so that ACC can build towards a positive future."

The Ministers say the board has been interviewing a number of top quality candidates for the position of chief executive of ACC, and is likely to make an appointment in the near future.