Million Dollars Available For Millennium Art

  • Jack Elder
Internal Affairs

Up to $1million of Lottery funding will go to create and present works of art specifically for the new Millennium, Lottery Grants Board Chairman and Internal

Affairs Minister, Jack Elder, announced today. The funding is available to non-profit-making groups only, which means artists need to be working with, or be commissioned by, a community organisation, he said.

In this way the Grants Board can ensure the works funded will continue to be accessible to the public.

"Grants will be given solely for new projects which means this is a real opportunity for the arts community to make a significant and lasting contribution to the Millennium celebrations," Mr Elder said. The deadline for applications is July 31 and application forms are available from the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board, PO Box 805, Wellington. For more information contact Lindy Pearson on 0800 824 824.