Millennium Series Of Events To Start This Week

  • Murray McCully

Tourism Minister Murray McCully has marked the start of a series of Millennium major events by opening a national visitor information complex, the Auckland 2000 centre, at the entrance to the America's Cup village on the Auckland waterfront.

"The Millennium major events are not at some vague time in the near future but get underway this week, with HRH Prince Andrew joining the practice day today at the World Cup of Golf north of Auckland," said Mr McCully.

"The World Cup of Golf, APEC and the America's Cup will offer us a unique opportunity to profile our tourism attractions through the world's news media and other spin-off coverage that occurs," he said.

"The Government has contributed $400,000, about a quarter of the cost of the new centre, to enable regional tourism organisations throughout New Zealand to leverage off the America's Cup and other Millennium major events.

"The three-level centre will serve as a one stop shop for international and domestic media and tourists, including thousands of America's Cup spectators, with ground floor access to information and booking services to destinations throughout the country."

Mr McCully said the Government was committed to ensuring that the opportunities of the Millennium major events would be within reach not just of the Auckland region but of the whole country.

"I have every confidence after my recent trip to North America that people will travel beyond the Auckland region when they come to New Zealand for the America's Cup and the other major events."

"Each Regional Tourism Organisation in the country has been offered the use of the facilities at the new Visitor Centre, and I look forward to positive results as they make the most of these opportunities."