Millennium Opportunity To Make Reputation

  • Murray McCully
Sport Fitness and Leisure

Tourism Minister Murray McCully says hoteliers should remember that the Millennium is an opportunity "to make our reputation rather than just making a fast buck".

The Minister was commenting on today's New Zealand Herald reports of escalating hotel and motel charges for the Millennium.

Mr McCully said that there would be peak periods during the next 12 months caused by APEC, the America's Cup, the Millennium and other major events.

"While hoteliers and others in the tourism industry are entitled to charge as they wish, I ask them to remember that our visitors are not stupid-they will notice if they are being gouged. If that is the message they take away with them, then it will be very bad news for the future of the tourism industry.

"While the Millennium period should be a time in which the tourism industry can expect good profitability, it is important to see this also as a time in which we invest in the future of the New Zealand brand by protecting our reputation for good hospitality."