Midwives’ pay equity offer reached


Around 1,700 Te Whatu Ora employed midwives and maternity care assistants will soon vote on a proposed pay equity settlement agreed by Te Whatu Ora, the Midwifery Employee Representation and Advisory Service (MERAS) and New Zealand Nurses Association (NZNO), Minister of Health Dr Ayesha Verrall announced today.

“Addressing historical pay inequities for our midwives is a key priority for this Government, and I am extremely pleased this proposed settlement has been agreed with the unions,” said Ayesha Verrall.

“Paying our midwives to reflect the vital and valued care they provide to our communities is long overdue, and I’m delighted that an agreement to settle the claim is ready to take out for approval.”

If the proposed settlement is accepted, it will mean a significant pay rise from April 2022 for the Te Whatu Ora midwifery workforce.  The salary for a graduate midwife would increase to $76,235, while the top rate for a Core Midwife would be $100,862, and for Senior Midwives the rates would range from $106,810 to $153,060.

The proposed settlement also includes a further lump sum payment of up to $15,000.

“This proposed settlement agreement for midwives comes soon after the recent settlement of the Te Whatu Ora nursing pay equity claim. These are significant milestones in the government’s ongoing work to address pay inequity. We have made historic progress and are incredibly proud to have done so.

“I want to acknowledge Te Whatu Ora, MERAS, and NZNO for reaching this proposed settlement, and their commitment to recognising our hard-working and skilled midwifery workforce,” said Ayesha Verrall.