Meat Nz Presents Industry Plans To Government.

  • John Luxton
Food, Fibre, Biosecurity and Border Control

Today Meat NZ presented its future industry plans to Government Ministers.

Meat NZ is one of the nine producer boards that the Government asked in the 15 May budget to provide their vision and strategic plans on how they propose to improve future farmer and grower returns.

Minister of Food and Fibre, Hon John Luxton said today, "Meat NZ have obviously put a lot of work into their plan for the future. Government will now start to work through their plan and work with them to make progress for their industry"

Meat NZ chairman, Mr John Acland said today," We welcome the opportunity to present this plan to Government. We look forward to sitting down with Government with our proposals as we work through this constructive process and at the same time engage in extensive consultation with our stakeholders whose views we regard as critical."

Further information regarding the plan will be publicly available from the Board tomorrow.