McKinnon Says Defence Spending Will Enhance New Zealand's Credibility

  • Don McKinnon
Foreign Affairs and Trade

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Don McKinnon today welcomed additional spending outlined in the Defence White Paper saying rebuilding New Zealand's defence forces was essential to enhance our credibility in the region.

"The Shape of New Zealand's Defence - A White Paper", released today, details an increase in Government spending over time across the Navy, Army and Airforce.

"Our friends and allies will be pleased to see that we are determined to reverse what they saw as declining defence expenditure and capability," Mr McKinnon said.

"Clearly we are taking gradual steps towards rebuilding our defence capacity - but they are steps in the right direction."

Mr McKinnon said the decision to increase investment in defence would enable New Zealand to play a role which is fully consistent with our wider interests.

"It is only real commitment to security which gives you influence in the region," said Mr McKinnon.

"New Zealand now has a clear and agreed investment plan covering our major defence capabilities which will see us better able to contribute effectively to international peacekeeping and support operations".

Mr McKinnon said New Zealand wished to play a positive role in the changing security architecture of the region.

"The net effect of our spending over time should greatly enhance New Zealand's ability to contribute effectively to regional and global security."