McKinnon to present CMAG report at CHOGM this week

  • Don McKinnon
Foreign Affairs and Trade

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Don McKinnon departs Wellington on Tuesday night for CHOGM in Edinburgh where he will present the report of the Commonwealth Minsterial Action Group to Commonwealth Heads of Government.

Mr McKinnon will attend a meeting of CMAG, of which he is Vice-Chair on Thursday, and present the report to Leaders on Saturday.

CMAG was established at Auckland in 1995 to deal with Commonwealth members who carried out serious or persistent violations of the principles of the "Harare Declaration".

Nigeria, one of three Commonwealth countries identified as being out of step with the Harare Declaration, was suspended from the Commonwealth pending its return to compliance with the principles of the Harere Declaration. CMAG has since been closely monitoring the situation in Nigeria.

The group has also monitored the progress towards democracy in two other Commonwealth member states - The Gambia and Sierra Leone.

Mr McKinnon noted that the democratically elected leader of Sierra Leone who was ousted by a coup, would also be present as a 'special guest' at CHOGM.

Mr McKinnon said CMAG will also make recommendations on its future role and composition.

Mr McKinnon will also represent New Zealand at the Commonwealth Small States Meeting to be held during CHOGM.

He returns to New Zealand early next week.