McKinnon - Cedenco Move Seductive for Labour

  • Don McKinnon
Acting Prime Minister

Blaming the economy for Cedencos move offshore is blatantly political and almost inevitable Acting Prime Minister Don McKinnon said today.

Trying to pin Cedencos decision on the economy is totally predictable eight weeks before an election.

Anyone with any intelligence knows New Zealands economic foundation is as strong as it as ever been, Mr McKinnon said.

Its an unavoidable fact of commercial life that companies move, contract and fall over even in the most boyant economy.

No one in their right minds wants to prevent New Zealand being an open internationally competive economy, he continued.

Mr McKinnon noted Auckland Manufacturers Federation Chairman, Bruce Goldsworthys comments that New Zealand manufacturers want a fair and open economy.

He reiterated Employment Minister Wyatt Creechs comments that the outlook for the Gisborne region is positive.