McCardle Welcomes Growing Support

  • Peter McCardle

John Tamihere's enthusiastic statement of support for the Community Wage is very welcome, and is also consistent with the widespread backing I'm getting from other New Zealanders, the Employment Minister said today.

The head of the Waipareira Trust, John Tamihere, met yesterday with Peter McCardle and gave his backing to the Community Wage, which will operate in a way similar to the successful system set up by the Trust for its people in Auckland.

"John is in no doubt it's the way forward. There's been an attempt by the Opposition to try to suggest that every community group's opposed to the Community Wage and the changes accompanying it. That is absolute rubbish. I am getting positive feedback across New Zealand, from Trusts, councils, community groups and the social services sector.

" Richard Buttle, formerly head of the Auckland City Mission, and a man respected for his many years spent working in social services in Auckland, is another enthusiastic supporter. He thinks the Community Wage is a sound idea, and will be a big improvement on the past.

"Maori groups around the country have told me they're eagerly looking forward to it, and for what it will bring to their communities. So are councils. I've met with around 50 councils over the past year and almost without exception they can see the potential and are right behind the Community Wage. That includes regional and city councils in all the major cities.

"I find extensive and wholehearted support wherever I go around the country, and I look forward to convincing the remaining critics of the benefits we will see after October 1," Mr McCardle said.